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Allergy, Intolerance and Sensitivity Blog

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Can Food Allergies Go Away Over Time?

When you go to your doctor to get rest results, you know that you can work hard and get fit, slim down a few sizes, and also have all sorts of positive changes on your body’s health as well, such as heart rate, cholesterol levels, etc. But what about when it comes to...

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3 Common Food Intolerances And Their Symptoms

Gluten-Free, Lactose-Free, Nut-Free. Supermarkets & food manufacturers have wised up to the growing trend of food intolerance awareness. They are investing heavily in the production of alternative foods which cater to the various food sensitivities and the market...

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7 Signs of Vitamin D Deficiency

Finding out what your body needs to feel at its best all the time can feel like an uphill battle. There are a lot of factors that are important to keeping our bodies in top form, and one of the most crucial vitamins is vitamin D. Are you getting enough of it? Do you...

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How Do You Know If You’re Intolerant To Dairy?

Everyone and their dog seem to have special dietary requirements now. They can’t eat this or that food because it causes this or that symptom. The public seems to be becoming increasingly aware of the importance of eating the right foods to enjoy a healthy lifestyle....

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Yeast Allergy vs Gluten Intolerance

If you’ve done a little bit of digging around as far as figuring out allergies and intolerances, congratulations! The more you learn about how each one works with your body (or, rather, doesn’t work!), the better you’ll be able to adjust your diet to accommodate it....

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Why Your Weight Loss New Years Resolution Failed

  Its February. Once again, you find yourself in only the second month of the new year, and you’ve abandoned the pledge you made (admittedly after a few prosecco’s) to make this the year that you achieve the body of your dreams. You spent weeks eating your greens, you...

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