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One in four adults of Britain have multiple health problems, suggests research conducted by researchers from Cambridge University*.

High blood pressure was the most common, with anxiety, depression and chronic pain closely following. Taking this information alongside the fact that two in three adults are now considered as overweight or obese, means that a great amount of pressure is being placed on the NHS.

High blood pressure, anxiety, depression and chronic pain can all stem from obesity, and health professionals are suggesting that too many people are still eating ‘relentlessly’ despite the constant reminders about the number of diseases linked to excess weight.

At Allergy Test Ireland our aim is to educate our customers on all things health and wellness related, and we strongly believe that this all starts with your diet.

A healthy, balanced diet means a healthy, balanced lifestyle and if you’re feeding your body with the things it needs to stay happy, then you’ll feel an overall sense of wellness too.

Here are a few of our favourite superfoods that are good for you:


Good for raising cholesterol levels, lowering high blood pressure, and thinning the blood to help prevent blood clots.


Garlic promotes the growth of white cells – the body’s natural germ fighters – which means immune function is increased. It has also been proven to slow the growth of harmful bacteria, yeasts and fungi.


A great source of protein, quinoa contains essential amino acids your body needs to build muscle and repair itself.


This leafy green vegetable is packed with essential vitamins and minerals that are great for your body and complexion. It’s fantastic for your skin, can slow down signs of ageing and also brightens the whites of the eyes.

*Read more of the article from the Telegraph here: