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Allergy, Intolerance and Sensitivity Blog

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Gluten Free, Should You Join The Movement?

Dealing with a broad range of symptoms and can't quite seem to figure out what's causing them? You may be suffering from gluten intolerance. Any one of several symptoms could be an indicator and they can make life miserable. With as much as 13% of the human population...

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How to Tailor Your IBS Diet

No one wants to be stuck fighting their body. That goes double when it comes to something as potentially crippling as IBS. If you’re living with IBS it’s paramount that you learn how to adjust your IBS diet accordingly. Sound impossible? It's as simple as following...

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Are antibodies produced in an allergic reaction?

When people are suffering an allergic reaction, Immunoglobin (IgE) are antibodies which are produced by the immune system. But, if you are having an allergic reaction, your immune system overreacts to a food or non-food items which are not necessarily harmful. The...

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Want to know if you have an allergy or intolerance?

Our bodies are strange, even at the best of times. We often think we are in control when we actually are not. This is often the result of either an allergy or food intolerance. But did you know there was actually a difference between an allergy or intolerance? Even...

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What is causing your intolerance symptoms?

There are many things which may cause you to suffer from an overactive immune system. A bloated stomach, nausea and headaches are all intolerance symptoms and can often be caused by the top eight food allergens in the world. To understand what is causing your allergy...

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