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What is causing your intolerance symptoms?

There are many things which may cause you to suffer from an overactive immune system. A bloated stomach, nausea and headaches are all intolerance symptoms and can often be caused by the top eight food allergens in the world. To understand what is causing your allergy...

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The benefits of allergy testing

Food allergy testing has never been more crucial and pivotal to the health of several people around the world. There are foods which are being combined on a regular basis, but there is always something new. For many people around the world, our bodies may not have...

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3 typical ways to cope with your allergies

Allergy Test has provided 3 typical ways to cope with your allergies which you may have learned that you are now suffering from: Clean - Take a shower Showering may already be a part of your daily routine, but it is even more important if you have an allergy. If you...

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Why you should consider blood allergy testing!

Yes, you read that right! Blood spot allergy testing is better than ever before and you can order yours from Allergy Test Ireland today. Our expert lab technicians have been working around the clock to improve your customer journey and help you get to the bottom of...

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Prepare for when Hay Fever season arrives

If you've got hay fever, you've probably got a pollen intolerance or pollen allergy and this means that you cannot be around pollen. So, if you've noticed your eyes itching, your nose starts to run or you need to sneeze, then it could be because of hay fever! If you...

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