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Living with a bloated stomach is no fun, especially if you have things to do and places to go. Looking for a cure that will make that excess bloat just disappear? There are quite a few options out there that can offer you just that. We’ve chosen three of the best options and listed them below for you. But first, it’s important to take a look at the cause of a bloated stomach.

What causes a bloated stomach?

  • Eating too much: The most likely cause of dealing with stomach bloat is that you’ve eaten too much. We’ve all been there. The meal is just so good, and you still feel hungry, so you go in for another serving. Realistically, you should have just waited before trying to eat more, but you just couldn’t help yourself. If you want to help deal with bloat, try to be your conscious of how much you’re eating. If you want more, drink a glass of water. The feeling will pass!
  • Eating too fast: Another common problem that you have to deal with is the speed at which you eat. Your stomach can only handle so much at a time. If you shove if full in ten minutes, the food will create bloat as the digestive tract starts to get to work. Turn off the TV and make an effort to chew your food slowly to help your tract out.
  • Having a food intolerance: If none of these sounds like you, it’s possible that you are dealing with a food intolerance. Sometimes our bodies can’t digest certain foods or ingredients, so you’ll experience bloating as the stomach and digestion try to process ingredients that are a problem. A food intolerance test is the best way to find out for sure what the problem is.

Best options to cure a bloated stomach

Here are some of the best options to help cure a bloated stomach. If you need to fight the bloat, chew on some of these!

  1. Tomatoes: These are intended to help wipe sodium from your stomach, which is a huge cause of bloating. It also will help curb your appetite, which is helpful for reducing your portion of foods overall.
  2. Zucchini: This low-calorie vegetable has a lot of water content in it. This makes it perfect for enjoying it as an alternative to pasta, for example and enjoying a delicious flavour that isn’t going to bloat you up like traditional wheat pasta.
  3. Brown Rice: This is a useful option for a meal add-on that will keep you full for longer and is slow to digest, meaning you won’t be inclined to snack or over-eat since you still feel full.

Getting rid of a bloated stomach may take some time, practice and patience, but it is definitely possible with the right tips and support to help make it a reality. Whether you want to reach for a tomato the next time you’re feeling an issue come on, or you decide to cut your portion size in half — and possibly consider zucchini-based pasta instead — the options are there for the taking.