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Early mornings and late nights with Dairy Intolerances.

You could probably ask half of the population in the UK what they believe to be essential in their morning routine, and they will respond with a cup of tea or coffee. You can also ask them what they think is essential to their tea or coffee, and they will probably respond with milk. It’s true that there are some black tea or coffee drinkers out there, but usually, someone will have milk with their drink. The caffeine industry thrives on those early mornings and late nights. However, not all of us can have milk, as we may have certain dairy intolerances.

Stopping off at your favourite Costa or Starbucks is sometimes the most enjoyable part of our day. Not for all of us though. Living with dairy intolerances is tough for many, but it is manageable. We must also be careful when cutting out dairy completely to deal with our dairy intolerances. We answer some of your most common questions below.

Are you allergic to dairy?

If you experience common symptoms every time you have a drink of milk or a slice of cheese, the chances are you have a dairy allergy. Want to know for sure? Check out to find out more about how you can discover your allergies. What is important to know, however, is whether you have a dairy allergy or simply you and others have dairy intolerances. This means that you could still have dairy, but your body will only tolerate a certain amount. In order to find out the truth, it is best to check!

Can you avoid dairy?

Yes, yes you can. Is it fun? No, but it can be important. No one wants to exacerbate their symptoms by consuming something their body doesn’t like. Some of us have probably been doing this for years, but don’t know about it. Taking an intolerance or allergy test with Allergy Test will help you to figure out what foods you can eat instead of dairy, and help you to live a more enjoyable life.

What causes dairy intolerances?

The simple answer is dairy. It can be more complicated though, as there may be other food culprits as well as dairy which are causing your symptoms. Taking a test with Allergy Test will help you to figure out exactly what you can and cannot eat, along with confirming your dairy allergy.

So, what do we do?

Ultimately, we find alternatives. Below, we have listed some other suitable options for you to consume. These can still allow you to enjoy your tea and coffee in the morning, and keep you awake for those business meetings.

Soya Milk – A creamy flavour that is great for tea and coffee. Available in both sweetened and unsweetened varieties.

Almond Milk – A tasty milk alternative which is slightly nutty in flavour – again, this can be available in sweetened and unsweetened varieties.

Rice Milk – Typically made up of 14% rise, oil, salt and water, this is a great alternative to drink straight up instead of a glass of milk.

Hemp Milk – Hemp milk is absolutely full of incredible health benefits, including Omega-3 which is beneficial for a healthy heart.

Do you think having an allergy test would be beneficial when identifying your dairy intolerances? Order from right now!