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About the test

All about our bio-resonance and blood tests.

What we have to offer. Making choices simple.

Our core belief as a professional testing provider is that every individual should be presented with the key facts of the tests available and from those key facts they can make an informed decision on the right product for them

We continue to offer both conventional and complementary products and services, providing the most comprehensive choice of testing to help people. All our tests have a ‘Test Facts’ summary giving the essential information about the test. We are proud to be the first company as of November 2019 to create and implement this useful aid to ensure clients understand the test they are buying.

Offering you a choice, we have developed comprehensive, non-invasive hair tests using bioresonance technology and blood-spot tests for allergies and intolerances using IgE and IgG4 antibody analysis.

Using either bio-technology or blood testing, depending on your choice of tests, our safe and speedy procedures use either a sample of your hair or blood to ensure that we give you the most detailed report possible.

Our innovative tests enable us to produce a detailed report right to your inbox.
  • Introduction to your results explaining what you might need to do
  • The items that appear on your results
  • Where the items are found (i.e. where a particular tree originates, or what product contains the chemical)
  • Guidance on your individual results.

Bio-resonance Test

We test your hair sample against 975 different food and non-food items documented in your report.

Blood Tests

Our IgE and IgG4 blood Tests screen for allergies and intolerances using the most common food items all emailed to you in one report.

Nutritional Test

Here we reverse the bioresonance test to look at a list of nutrients. Includes a free nutrition guide.

Metal Toxicity Test

Using the hair sample provided, we test against a list of different metals which you could be consuming or living near.

We test both blood and hair. Giving you a choice.

Our bioresonance testing uses hair samples to test against 975 food and non-food items. Our blood testing analyses your blood to identify what items you have an allergy (IgE) or intolerance (IgG4) too and what items you should consider for an elimination diet. 

The benefits of both:

  • Hair testing can be less invasive as we only require a small sample of hair.
  • Blood Tests identifies immune-mediated allergies and intolerances, which produce raised IgE or IgG4 antibody levels.
  • Fast Results – Both tests are completed quickly and efficiently.
  • Cost Effective – Our tests are done quickly in the lab, allowing us to pass these savings on.


Our most accurate home-to-lab allergy and intolerance test from a small finger-prick blood testing kit delivered to your door.


Send us a small hair sample and within 7 working days, you'll have your comprehensive report identifying trigger items.


Simple tests for understanding your body quickly with these concise tests. Knowledge is power with these easy to use tests.