Customer Survey

We introduced our customer survey in 2019 as part of our ongoing commitment to our clients in ensuring a first-class service and quality delivery of results.

Each client who purchases a test from us and completes both the submission and results process then receives a short customer survey from us.

Not only do we survey clients on the product and service standards they received from us, but we also offer them the chance to inform us of their symptoms, any notable improvements in health, and other comments they may have.

Customer survey key facts:

Only clients who have completed our customer journey in full receive a survey. These individuals will have submitted their sample and received results.

Surveys are 100% confidential, and we cannot identify individuals from replies.

The information given is used to enhance our testing service, customer care, and product offering.

The information is used to understand how testing affects individuals and any health improvements that are experienced as a result.

We do not share this data with any third parties, nor do we use it for individual targeted marketing purposes.

Information on symptoms and wellness is collated to assist in the development of further information, articles, and programs to support other sufferers of allergies, intolerance, sensitivities, and other dietary-related conditions.

The key statistics are collated on a monthly basis automatically, and our website is updated to display the current results in three key areas:

Others that felt they were suffering from symptoms prior to testing

Satisfaction of product and/or service by recommendation to others

Satisfaction of speed of service

We annually released a complete summary of the results to provide new and existing clients with current and relevant information about other suffers, our service, and product quality.

The larger goal

As a global allergy and intolerance testing business, we strive to understand more about the symptoms linked to both dietary and environmental issues. Our aim is to raise awareness of the problems suffers face and promote a better understanding that there isn’t a one size fits all approach.

By understanding the reasons behind obtaining a test, the issues that lead to that decision, and the experience individuals have after receiving results, our team is more prepared to help others in the form of:

Amended client journeys

Better service

Enhanced follow up programs

Further advice and support

Increased product range

Product adjustments

We strive to ensure all clients that select us receive the kind of support and assistance that we would want for ourselves. Being part of the survey will help us provide improved services in the future.