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Take an Intolerance Test to help you with your Elimination Diet

Headaches are everywhere, we all get them, whether it is because we are tired, sleepy or generally fatigued. They can be caused by many things, including a food intolerance, and so as one of the potential remedies, we recommend an intolerance test and a subsequent elimination diet. This would see you eliminate offending items, and your migraines may suddenly not be so common. 

In many cases, however, we can get rid of headaches with medication. What we cannot get rid of are migraines, and they can have a brutal effect on our social lives and even work life. What you can do though, is take a test for intolerances.  

What is a migraine?

What is a migraine? For you to deal with your migraine and other intolerance symptoms, you must first be able to pinpoint them. The NHS in England has listed the four stages of a migraine, which are all very painful and something we all would love to avoid. If an elimination diet does not see your symptoms improve, then we recommend you consult your doctor. push your migraines away with an elimination diet

How will an intolerance test help me deal with migraines?

Well, sometimes symptoms such as migraines, headaches, nausea and fatigue can be due to your body having an intolerance to certain items. If you take an intolerance test, you will receive a detailed report from Allergy Test Ireland which will detail all the potential triggers that may be causing you a great deal of pain. From there, you can use the intolerance test to your advantage as you can embark on an elimination diet. This will see you eliminate potentially troublesome foods from your diet, and in turn hopefully, see a release of your migraines in the future. Be careful though, as although you may be identified to have an intolerance, it may not be a food intolerance which is causing your migraine.

If you think an intolerance is causing your migraines, then you should consider an intolerance test. Head over to to find out more about our tests.