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Summer is finally here, which means picnics in the park and long walks in the countryside. However, for some people this may mean dosing up on antihistamines and avoiding the pollen filled air at any cost.

Have you ever heard someone say that they have developed seasonal allergies suddenly one year when they have never suffered before? Well, the pollen hasn’t changed has it? Development of seasonal allergies is a sign that gut health is deteriorating with age. If this has happened to you, steps should now be taken to heal your gut and live a healthier, symptom free life.

With Allergy Test you can confirm the food and non-food items that may be harming your gut so that you can eliminate these from your diet and enjoy your Summer outdoors without any worry.

We use Bio resonance to perform our testing. This is categorised under Complementary and Alternative Medicines (CAM’s). You will receive a comprehensive report of up to 500 food and 300 non-food items including household chemicals, everyday pollens and plants.

It has been reported that all disease begins in the gut including seasonal allergies like rhinitis or hay fever. Most people turn to over the counter meds such as anti-histamines to control their symptoms when in fact this approach can cause more serious auto immune problems like arthritis or celiac for example. People who suffer from seasonal allergies should concentrate on healing their gut. A healthy balance of gut flora in our colon is the ultimate gatekeeper of health. When the gut environment is out of balance, a malfunctioning and overactive immune system is the result.

Steps to keep your seasonal allergies at bay:

  • Eliminate pasteurized dairy from your life and replace with grass fed dairy. Alternatively, if you have problems digesting dairy, try substitutes like coconut milk.
  • Source raw manuka honey and take 1-2 teaspoon every day.
  • Reduce white carbohydrates and refined sugars in your diet. Many people with seasonal allergies report improvements when gluten and sugar is avoided.
  • While you are healing from inside out, use herbs to find natural, non-toxic allergy relief instead of meds.
  • If you are really serious about healing your gut, research and follow the GAPs diet.

Don’t let seasonal allergies ruin what should be the most beautiful and enjoyable time of the year. Find out now with Allergy Test what is affecting your gut so that you can make permanent lifestyle changes and finally breathe freely again no matter how thick the pollen in the air may be!