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If you’ve got hay fever, you’ve probably got a pollen intolerance or pollen allergy and this means that you cannot be around pollen. So, if you’ve noticed your eyes itching, your nose starts to run or you need to sneeze, then it could be because of hay fever! If you do have a pollen allergy then you will be affected by hay fever, meaning it is time to stock up on antihistamines, and it could be a long summer ahead! 

Dealing with pollen allergy

If you come into contact with pollen from trees, grass or weed then it can give you hay fever sufferers a runny nose or itchy eyes, which is no good for anybody. This is because hay fever also triggers sneezing, coughing and can lead to a loss of smell. But for many, hay fever is manageable and by taking antihistamines this can slowly alleviate some of the symptoms. Everyone loves the summer months and looks forward to them but it can be a miserable time if you have a pollen intolerance or allergy.

Pollen levels rising

It may only be the start of April, but the pollen count is still on the rise with parts of England already seeing a high count. Here in Ireland, the pollen count in the city areas can be quite low, but if you are in an area that contains a large number of trees, then the count will be higher. This may mean that you will experience more and more symptoms of hay fever.

Various symptoms of hay fever

Firstly, the higher the pollen count, the worst your hay fever will be and so will the other factors. If you do suffer from hay fever or have an allergy to pollen then dry, windy conditions will be somewhere that you want to stay away from. Humidity is a factor too, and you will find you will suffer from later in the day.

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