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Could your bloated stomach be the sign of a food intolerance? Many people across Ireland suffer from stomach pain and bloat, but they do not always know why! Fortunately, Allergy Test Ireland is in a position to help you out. We are able to offer both allergy testing and intolerance testing, meaning that your bloated stomach could soon be way on the out if you eat correctly. There are still many things which you need to look out for, however, and we have outlined them below:

Self-Diagnosing food intolerances

Many people try to self diagnose their bloat and will often think it is caused by food that is actually harmless. Therefore, allergy testing or intolerance testing could be exactly what you need to start your new healthy journey. With our full, comprehensive and detailed report which outlines your results, you can evaluate your diet and cut out the foods that cause your symptoms. Lactose intolerance is a major cause of a bloated stomach, but there are many other food intolerances which could cause this.

But what is bloating?

A bloated stomach is one of the most common complaints that we get here at Allergy Test. It can come from any type of food and is considered to be both a symptom of a food allergy and a food intolerance. It is often blamed on excess gas in the bowel and makes many people feel uncomfortable. It will often make people unbuckle their jeans and think that they are fatter than normal, even though they are not.

Bloated stomach and loosening clothing

If clothing has to be loosened then the gut is likely an unconscious way that you can relieve your discomfort. Funnily enough, alongside allergy testing and an intolerance test, an individual can lie down flat on their back as a way of relieving their bloated stomach. Whilst we recommend eliminating certain foods from your diet, changing your diet to include more fibre will relax your bloat. Another thing to avoid is fizzy drinks, as these can cause a wide range of issues.

For more information on intolerance and allergy testing, as well as coping with your bloated stomach, you should contact us on to find out more.