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Shopping for the holidays is both exciting and draining. This speaks to energy and monetary means, though many don’t think of this until after! Do you want to keep your holiday season healthy and affordable? Our Christmas shopping tips will help you do that for a positive experience. You’ll learn how to save some euros and learn about the exciting idea of giving health to someone — literally! Take a look and see for yourself.

Money saving ideas

Firstly, let’s take a moment to scan through some tips on how to save money and still get unique holiday gifts for everyone on your “nice” list. The more you incorporate, the more you can protect your budget! Everyone’s holiday needs are different, but these will help all households.

Save towards Christmas

When reading this, you may think it’s too late to start putting some away money for Christmas, but it’s not! If you start planning and saving money for Christmas now, you’ll have more money than you did if you hadn’t put anything aside. A budget helps you shop realistically and gives you peace of mind because you monitor your spending. You can then shop affordably for a more mindful shopping experience.

Put an agreed-upon cap for loved ones

Often, this is a taboo subject in families. However, discussing finances and setting a budget is a great suggestion to keep gift-giving and gift-receiving fair. Discuss the cap per person and make sure each family member sticks to it so everyone can take part fairly. This is one of the easiest Christmas shopping tips to put into play!

Avoid takeaway food

From Christmas shopping and general stress, takeaway rates increase during the holiday. Do what you can to avoid takeaway so that you can save some money. Takeaway adds up when combined with other holiday expenses. You can drag out the recipe book or have your family and friends help suggest easy cooking choices. Both can help you save money and eat better.

Pro tip: give someone health for ChristmasGive The Gift Of Health This Christmas

While we should all wish others well this season, why not go further and give someone a literal gift of good health this season? It goes beyond supermarket gift cards, though. You can provide them with personalised health in the form of specialised tests. Take a look and see for yourself.

Simple allergy testing

There is peace of mind that comes from knowing about any potential dangers for your body. Offering simple allergy testing can be a fantastic way to introduce someone to these health issues and also give them a solution at the same time.

Classic food intolerance testing

Food intolerances can cause as much of a problem as food allergies because they are subtle and often hard to isolate when you are doing so yourself. Providing classic food intolerance testing for someone in your life will help them enjoy the gift of more knowledge. It also can also help them learn how to prepare food better for their digestion!

Combined allergy and intolerance testing

If you want the best of both worlds, consider gifting combined allergy and intolerance testing. The lucky recipient will enjoy learning about what is happening in their body on both accounts. This is a wonderful gift option for those curious about their body’s health needs.

Sophisticated allergy and intolerance testing

The sophisticated allergy and intolerance testing is a great combination package. It also offers the best value for that lucky person on your list. It is an excellent match for the foodie in your life who wants to have a good relationship with the food they use to fuel their body, mind, and health!

Holiday statistics don’t lie

If you feel you do not need to adapt your shopping habits, this is fine. But remember that Irish shoppers are expected to spend €600 this year on presents alone. When you combine that with takeaway, petrol, and more, that number will continue to rise. This is part of why the best Christmas shopping tips include being money-wise to stretch your already tight budget much further. There is no reason to cause more financial stress for an easy holiday, after all.

Whether you find this figure sobering or see it as a challenge you are ready to meet, it’s something to think about very seriously. Allow this information to help guide you to make smart shopping choices so that your Christmas season stays merry, affordable, healthy, and fun for everyone in your life! It will make this bright time of year a little bit brighter. Remember we’re here to help you give the gift of health this year, find your test here!