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Everyone you know is now preparing for the crucial Black Friday weekend. For most, that means taking advantage of the sales and getting significant savings when shopping in-store or online. The thing is, how do you focus on the right Black Friday sales? With every choice shouting about their deals and discounts, it’s so simple to get overwhelmed and not know where to turn. Below, we’ve shared the top tips to help you quiet the noise and focus on what you want for the shopping results you deserve! It’s reported that Irish Shoppers will spend €26 million, and over €18,000 per minute, online on Black Friday

Shop at the right places

As you will find out when you start searching online, every shop that wants to keep customers interested will be offering a sale. In some places, it’s a deep discount. In others, it could be a benefit that appeals to local shoppers alone, such as free delivery.

A huge detail to consider, and we’ll discuss in-depth below, is planning your Black Friday shopping based on the right places for you. What deals matter most? Are you looking at only big items, or are smaller items okay? Big brands or little brands? Take a moment to think about that before going further!

Know what you want to getAT IRL Up To 65% Off This Black Friday

Next on the list for enjoying the ideal sale is knowing what you are shopping for. Are you gift-searching for the athlete in your life? If so, hunting specifically for sales on names like Nike, The North Face, and Puma will be where to focus. But what about that health nut in your life, the one that wants to know everything? That’s where our Black Friday sales come in.

A simple allergy test

For the curious health lover who is starting on a health-oriented journey without knowing where to focus, a simple allergy test is a wonderful choice. This helps them understand the basics of allergy testing with personalised results that will help them see its value, regardless of what the results show them!

Intolerance testing

If you want to help someone have a better relationship with their food, especially those into meal prepping, you’ll want to consider intolerance testing. This helps them know what ingredients to avoid or limit for their best health long term. Plus, it helps them learn more about their bodies.

An allergy and intolerance test

You can also look at something more advanced for the health enthusiast who is already familiar with testing or who wants to go deeper. An allergy and intolerance test will help deliver in-depth information on the body’s reactions to common food allergens and intolerances. The combined test also makes it very convenient.

Advanced allergy and intolerance testing

Finally, you can look at advanced allergy and intolerance testing if you love someone who has a tough time sorting out their relationship with food. Plus, it’s also a thoughtful gift for someone with a family history of food allergies and food intolerances and who wants to create a clear and focused food-related plan for their future!

When you look at it that way, you can see just how important it is to nab Black Friday sales that are in line with what you want. Of course, these are all examples. Make full use of our exclusive up to 65% discount across the site this Black Friday!

Plan carefully

Not many enjoy planning, especially for something as fun and spontaneous as shopping. Yet, planning helps every savvy shopper save as much as possible and avoid coming home with things that will be dust collectors in a few months.

Don’t worry; planning doesn’t have to be boring. When it comes to Black Friday shopping, focus on things like signing up for newsletters from your favourite brands and keeping an eye out for local ads that may give you previously unknown discounts over this shopping weekend.

Stick with what you want

If you peek around at a few ads for things like new tech and appliances, it’s easy to get distracted. After all, these are shiny, new, and oh-so-affordable. Who could blame you? This is how sales work, though. That’s why planning is essential. You can stay focused on what you want to get and not get sidetracked.

Even if you think, “Oh, I should get that for later,” be mindful of falling into that trap of “just in case” or “FOMO.” While there is certainly nothing wrong with shopping for many occasions at the same time, you should take note of what you do need for later and what is just a mindless purchase. There is an excellent line between these two!

It turns out that finding the perfect Black Friday sale is as much about staying in tune with yourself as anything else. Our suggestions will help you get all of the good and avoid all the potential bad when it comes to thoughtful and intentional shopping for the busy Black Friday weekend.