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If you are struggling with intolerance or allergy symptoms like fatigue, headaches and bloat, then it is likely that you have a food allergy or food intolerance. It is best that you get this checked out by logging on to Allergy Test and ordering a test.

If you have an allergy, then the body’s immune system keeps you healthy as it fights off infections, but you should still be aware of everything that is around you.

The listed some of Ireland’s most common allergies for you to look out for, so be aware if any of these are a major part of your diet:

  1. Cow’s Milk
  2. Eggs
  3. Shellfish
  4. Wheat 
  5. Soya

If you do have an allergy to any of these and have often been experiencing allergy symptoms, then it is definitely time that you consult a GP or a Health Professional. It is important, however, if you are suffering from symptoms like these, that you also rule out an intolerance with Allergy Test Ireland.

Intolerance effects are similar to allergy symptoms, but they are more internal in the digestive system. Allergy symptoms are life-threatening, and occur almost instantly compared to intolerance symptoms, which may occur up to 72 hours later.

Where do allergies come from?

Whilst allergies often come from families, it is not easy to verify whether a young child will also suffer from the same allergy symptoms. The most severe allergic reaction that someone can have is anaphylaxis, and this can cause issues with your breathing, so it is very important that you get these sorted.

Allergy symptoms

Allergy symptoms often involve the skin, respiratory tract and sometimes the cardiovascular system. If you are experiencing any of these listed below then you must identify whether or not you have an allergy or intolerance:

  • Hives
  • Wheezing
  • Shortness of breath
  • Repetitive cough
  • Dizziness/Fainting
  • Swelling in facial features

For more information on intolerance testing and allergic reactions, you need to check out in order to find out more.