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There is a long-held theory that alcohol actually helps people deal and cope with their intolerances. This is not true and we do not recommend that you try it. So, if you have been sniffling, sneezing and struggling through allergy season this year, then there are many other potential remedies. If you suspect that the aforementioned symptoms have been due to an intolerance, then you should consider an intolerance test with Allergy Test.

If you believe you do have an allergy then we recommend you immediately contact your GP. We also think you should probably lay off the alcohol! A study has shown that alcohol can cause or worsen the common symptoms of asthma and hay fever, like sneezing, itching, headaches and coughing.

You may not be allergic to alcohol itself, but the ingredients within it. This is because, as highlighted by the New York Times, beer, wine and liquor can contain histamine which is produced by yeast and bacteria during the fermentation process. Did you know that histamines set off allergy symptoms? Well, you do now.

However, just because you feel worse after consuming alcohol, there are other foods you should watch out for which may be contributing to your symptoms. You should look out for other foods which contain histamine, and some of these may be a delicacy or your diet or a consistent supplement. These include aged cheeses, pickled and fermented products, or even staples of the Western diet such as bread and grapes! All of these foods can cause an intolerance, so please do watch out!

If all else fails and even exercise is not doing the trick to help you beat the bloat, you may have to realise the fact that you have an intolerance. By taking an intolerance test, you can learn exactly what you are putting into your diet which is causing you to feel unwell and what you should be taking out. You will feel the benefits! So, when heading out this weekend, make sure you are careful about what you are eating and drinking, as you may have a food intolerance.

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