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As Halloween sneaks closer, we’re all getting ready to settle into an exciting season where we can relax and indulge in chocolate, candy, and festivities with costumes. Is Halloween the same kind of holiday if you have spooky Halloween allergies? How can you safely enjoy your holiday if you have common food allergies? Below, we’ll show you how to find safe Halloween treats using allergy and intolerance testing results. We’ll also explain the importance of resisting snacks and treats that might be dangerous, even in social situations.

Can you be allergic to Halloween?

While you can’t be allergic to a holiday, thankfully, it is possible to be allergic to Halloween’s most common materials and ingredients. In Ireland, some of the most common allergies include fruit, eggs, dairy, nuts, and latex. These are all popular during Halloween. This makes it difficult for those who want to enjoy the festivities but still be careful.

How to enjoy Halloween with allergies

The good news about enjoying this time of year is that many common allergies must be declared on all packaged food. These include eggs, peanuts, soybeans, milk, nuts, and more. This means that you can carefully check the packaging to know if something is safe for you or not.

Since the number of allergy diagnoses increases yearly, more Halloween lovers are hunting for allergen-safe choices. This means the market should respond to give you more choices! Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Do your research

Many large food brands now offer certified allergen-safe treats specifically for Halloween. Make a list of your favourite treat brands. Then, search online to see what they offer for your allergy-specific choices! Take an extra minute to double-check the difference between Halloween treats and regular treats. Sometimes, Halloween-sized treats use different manufacturers. This means they don’t have the same cross-contamination features in place.

Use the correct information to guide you

Some people don’t know what they are allergic to, other than it’s a common ingredient in candy bars, etc. Do yourself a favour and order allergy and intolerance testing. This gives you precise data to help you know what exactly the problem areas are for you. There’s nothing scarier than an unclear food allergy or food intolerance. Even during Halloween!Discover safe Halloween treats

Ask your allergist for recommendations

If you have an allergist, ask them for recommendations on safe products or brands. If you don’t have an allergist, your GP is also a great resource. If you know someone with similar allergies, you can always check with them, too. In some ways, this person might be your best resource. They may have real-life experience with spooky Halloween allergies, after all. This translates to real-life, tasty, safe treats!

Resist peer pressure this Halloween

Halloween can involve peer pressure, whether you are a child, teen, or adult. It can be challenging if you are uncomfortable disclosing your food allergies or are spending time with people who don’t have or care about allergies. You want to protect yourself but also still have fun. Is that possible with a Halloween food allergy? Yes, but you’ll have to be careful about it.

Know your boundaries

When it comes to allergies, these boundaries refer to problem ingredients. When you get your results from the allergy and intolerance testing, you’ll know where to set those boundaries for your protection. Set clear boundaries for yourself and stay within them to enjoy the Halloween festivities just like everyone else!

Surround yourself with the right people

Another wonderful way to protect yourself is to have those around you that care about you. Even if they don’t know your food allergies, they will still respect you when you say “no” to something dangerous. If you are unsure that people at the Halloween party will do that, bring someone who can help you feel that confidence if you need it!

Set your own rules

One of the cool details about living with allergies or intolerances is that you control your own life. In this sense, we mean that you create rules for what you’re okay with and not. Are you allergic to intolerant to baking ingredients? Skip homemade treats unless you are certain they are safe for you — and don’t feel guilty about it. Take your time to make informed decisions on what is safe and unsafe for you without others around you pressuring you (3). Your safety should be your own number one rule and priority, after all.

You don’t need to let spooky Halloween allergies ruin this special season! You only need to learn about where to shop, what to avoid, and how to keep yourself safe from the very real danger of peer pressure! The rest will be all about haunted houses, safe Halloween candy, and fantastic costumes! And remember we’re here with our allergy and intolerance tests to help you have a Happy Halloween!