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“Congratulations, when is it due?”

Always a lovely sentiment. Well. Unless you’re not pregnant.

Bloating is an awkward symptom to experience. As well as the impact it has on your appearance, bloating can make simple tasks awkward and uncomfortable. Caused by excess gas, a bloated stomach is a result of a reaction to a food intolerance that you may not be aware you have. 

Taking a food intolerance test and identifying the foods causing you bloating can have an incredibly positive impact on your wellbeing. Here we look at the different parts of your life that will be improved by simply taking an intolerance test.


Both physical and desk work can be impacted by a bloated stomach. When performing manual labour, bloating can cause breathing difficulties as well as feelings of nausea. This can lead to decreased physical performance which may impact the perception of the effort you’re putting into your work. Desk work doesn’t escape the impact of a bloated stomach. Trying to focus on a mentally challenging task can be made all the more difficult by the distraction of discomfort caused by a bloated stomach. Being sedentary all day will also mean the excess gas stays in the stomach longer.


Physical performance is optimised when you feel comfortable. Lifting, running, swimming, jumping, whatever your preferred way to get those calories burned can all be severely affected by a bloated stomach. Being able to complete the full range of motion during an exercise is vital to maximising the benefits of your workout if you have a big, bloated stomach getting in the way you can’t complete the exercises correctly. On top of this, bloating will mask the results of your hard work.

bloated stomach exercise

Social life

When you’re out with friends, there’s a good chance you’re going to end up tagged in photos on social media. Ordinarily, this is great, who doesn’t want pictures to remind you of the good times you’ve enjoyed together. But good memories can be tainted by insecurity about your appearance. How many times have you known people look at a photo of themselves and say ‘Oh my god, I look so fat’ even though they’re generally in great shape? A bloated stomach should not get in the way of making memories with friends. An intolerance test can help you remember the good times.


For most people, a holiday is a once a year treat that they look forward to from the day they book. An opportunity to lay on a bright, white beach and become they bronzed god they dream of. Why should the food you eat come between you and the tanned abs you dream of? Identifying a food intolerance can help you avoid the bloating that makes you feel too self-conscious to get into your swimwear and work on that tan.

Deflate your bloated stomach, take an intolerance test NOW.