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“I cannot stop sniffing; my eyes keep watering and I’ve gone through a whole pack of tissues.” Ah, this sounds you like have an allergy to something. With Summer having arrived, this could be hay fever. It could also be a food allergy. For many of us, this is annoying, but we can find out the truth by taking an allergies test, looking to find out exactly what is causing our symptoms. Below, we have answered a couple of common questions.

What are allergies?

Allergies are common. They are within almost everyone, whether it be the environment or food. You might not think about it, but these allergies could be the reason you aren’t feeling on top form. Sometimes, they can seriously impact you either physically or mentally. Have you ever eaten a certain food item and then come up in a rash? This could be because you have a food allergy. Have you ever touched something outside and irritated your skin? This could be because you are allergic to that item. It all makes sense now.

Why take an allergies test?

We don’t all know what we are allergic to, so we stock up on medication which doesn’t necessarily help us. The team at Allergy Test Ireland can help you with this. After consulting with your doctor, if this still doesn’t work, then we recommend an allergies test.

Although you may have seen an initial reaction, your body may have developed an intolerance to certain times. Sometimes we consider not going outside due to our symptoms, but this isn’t always the best way. Taking an allergies test means you can find out what exact allergy you have, and therefore you know exactly what to avoid.

Thinking about testing what allergies you have? Why not come to take a look at and find out for yourself?