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Fatigued, tired, lethargic, bloated, tickly throat? All of these are symptoms of a food intolerance, but if these are occurring whenever you eat soya, then you have a soya intolerance. There are many alternatives, substitutes and solutions when dealing with an intolerance to soya, however. It is seen as a beneficial mood, but as could be the case with many foods, your body may have just taken on too much.

Soya intolerance is manageable but it is important we watch what we eat. It may be an integral part of our diet, and this may have resulted in us having overindulged and our body cannot tolerate it anymore.

What can Allergy Test do?

At Allergy Test, we want to help. We provide various tests which help you to identify your potential allergies and intolerances. Our expert team provide you with a comprehensive report of your results, identifying what allergens and intolerances you should stay away from.

Got your results? Do they highlight a soya Intolerance? We recommend trying an elimination diet. This is when you remove soya from your foods and give it six weeks before you reconsider integrating it back into your diet. If your body starts to feel better, then we may have identified the culprit! Never fear though, this may not be the end for soya and you. If you believe that you can integrate soya slowly back into your diet, then you can try. When done slowly, your body may be able to tolerate certain amounts, but if done too quickly, your body will react and the exhaustive symptoms will return. We don’t want that!

Time to relax

It has been six weeks since you learned that you have a soya intolerance. You’ve been feeling great and your healthy lifestyle is creating a healthy mind. You’re not tired anymore, you’re not bloated and you’re not stressed. This is great news. It is now time to consider whether you want to test your body’s tolerance or intolerance to soya. If so, remember to do it slowly, but if you are living the symptom-free life due to your soya-free diet, then you don’t need to.