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A single symptom can have a profound effect on wellbeing. When an unidentified allergy prevents you from socialising with friends, enjoying the great outdoors or, in extreme circumstances, puts you at risk of death. A test for allergies can have a significant positive impact on many critical health markers. Here we take a look at the ways a test for allergies can change your life almost immediately.

Eating Out

Weddings, birthdays, christenings, the list of events where there is food aplenty is never-ending. When you’re living with an unidentified allergy, it’s essentially a lottery whether or not you’re going to have your night ruined by an allergic reaction to something on the buffet. An allergic reaction develops within minutes of contact with the allergen, which can mean an early exit from an event you might have been looking forward to all week. By taking a test for allergies, you can be aware of the foods to avoid and even ask organisers to consider your allergy when choosing their menu.

Enjoying Summer

When you’re unaware of an allergy such as allergic rhinitis (hayfever) you deny yourself the remedies you need to be able to get outside during the height of summer and enjoy the sunshine with friends and family. It is nigh on impossible to hold a conversation when a sneeze punctuates every word, and you can’t make eye contact for the itchiness of your eyes. When you find an allergy to pollen, you can take antihistamines to help you manage your symptoms and enjoy summer with your friends and family.


Your children beg you for a dog or cat; they want nothing more in the world. Wanting whats best for your child, you relent, and you now have a pet. But now you also have a rash. And you can’t stop sneezing. And your skin itches. What you probably have is a pet allergy. If you’d taken a test for allergies, you’d have known this beforehand and could have consulted your GP who could have recommended the best course of action to avoid these symptoms while keeping the kids happy too.

Allergies impact so many different parts of your lives, making a test for allergies essential to your ability to enjoy all of the best things in life. We have a range of tests which are tailored to suit all budgets.