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Allergies. They are annoying, and they are always present when we really don’t want them to be. Usually, just before a big birthday milestone, a wedding or a Christmas work do. It is just typical, isn’t it? We don’t want this happening, especially as Summer has arrived. Potential solutions include allergy testing, which is now integral to our future. Take a look below at some of the symptoms which indicate you may be suffering from an allergy.

Bloat. Yep, that old chestnut.

For some of us, there is a constant worry about squeezing into a suit or a dress. When we really don’t want to, we will have an allergic reaction to something and cause us to bloat. As we attempt to avoid repeats of this in the future, our allergy testing process here at Allergy Test Ireland can try and solve all your issues.

Is your head causing you pain?

Are you feeling tired, fatigued and just in constant pain because of a headache? You can attempt to check the root cause of this with an allergy test. You may be eating or coming into contact something that your body just cannot tolerate. Constant headaches usually indicate an allergy, but our well-developed allergy testing equipment can be extremely beneficial towards your health and lifestyle.

It can be hereditary

Is it something that you thought would go away if you just left it? If it hasn’t then it is probably an allergy and you are having an allergic reaction to it. Check your family history and see if there are any past cases of an allergy. If this makes sense, then you most likely have inherited the same allergy and will, therefore, suffer for life.

There are ways to cope with this though. Going through our thorough allergy testing process, you will learn in the future what to look out for, and this should make your life much simpler.

If you think allergy testing is the best solution for you, then look at the various tests we offer here. If you want more advice, speak to our Customer Service Advisors on LiveChat who are available on a 24-hour basis, 5 days a week at