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In the midst of stress from family and work or school, there are few things that can break through the doom and gloom on a rough day. One of those things is cute animals. Another is food. If you are guilty of finding solace in a delicious meal after a long, hard day, you certainly have many people who can sympathize. However, what if the food that you decide on could actually ruin your day even more? Doesn’t seem fair, but it could be the case easier than you’d think. That’s why learning about a yeast allergy is going to be critical to keeping food a safe haven.

Determining a yeast allergy

Just like a lot of other food allergies, a yeast allergy can have a lot of symptoms that may not always be noticeable at first unless you are specifically looking for them. Common symptoms often include:

  • Stomach upset: From feeling queasy to vomiting, the severity and type of stomach issues can vary depending on how much yeast you had within the meal that you were enjoying.
  • Feeling under the weather: Suddenly feeling sick with a headache or slight fever or even sore and achy is another sight that an allergy is bugging you. This could also be perceived as itchy eyes and congestion.
  • Skin irritations: Hives, rashes, and simply feeling as though your skin is abnormally sensitive are all signs that you are dealing with an allergy as well.

Most of these symptoms and reactions occur within minutes of eating the problem food, so often, the meal itself can be taken apart to figure out what the problem ingredient is.

How a yeast allergy can ruin your day

It’s all well and good to settle in for a delicious sandwich of your choosing, or perhaps indulge in comfort food such as pasta, but when you have a yeast allergy, you have to really take good ingredient into consideration before you take a bite. Yeast is common in a lot of baked goods as well as grains such as pasta and bread. Are you sure that what you’re about to eat is yeast-free?

What appears to be mild stomach upset one minute could quickly become full-blown anaphylaxis the next, especially if you don’t notice the problem (or don’t care) and keep on eating. You’re already having a bad day, so it makes sense that you might just want to push out and ignore the entire universe around you until you can deal with it again, but you will want to make sure that you don’t ignore the signs that your body is trying to tell you.

How do I avoid this?

If you want to make sure that you never find yourself in this terrifying moment of discovering that you’re having a totally unexpected allergic reaction, consider getting an allergy test done. 

The results may surprise you, and you’ll also be able to get helpful support and advice for making the changes needed to keep your bad days from getting any worse.

No one wants to find out that their favourite comfort food is off the table when they’re having a bad day, but it sure is better than the alternative.