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Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin that is important for many bodily functions, and we must make sure that we are getting enough of it in our diet. Vitamin A can help people to experience proper vision, a strong immune system, reproduction, and good skin health. If you would like to see what is causing your symptoms and make sure you do not have a vitamin A deficiency then you can order an intolerance test here

5 signs of vitamin A deficiency

See below and check out the 5 signs of symptoms and vitamin A deficiency:

1) Delayed Growth

Yep, you can experience delayed growth if you find yourself struggling to get enough vitamin A into your diet. Research has indicated that children who do not get enough from vitamin A can sometimes not grow as quickly and may experience stunted growth. vitamin A is necessary for the proper development of the human body and you need to make sure you are getting enough of it into your diet. You can take an intolerance test to make sure you are not intolerant to any of the following foods: carrots, sweet potatoes or winter squash. These foods are often bursting with vitamin A and will help your symptoms subside as you get rid of your vitamin A deficiency.

2) Skin Rashes

A common sign of food intolerance is when people develop skin rashes and have itchy skin. If you are consuming a load of foods with high vitamin A levels then the chances of you experiencing skin breakouts will be dramatically reduced. Healthline has reported that acne has been associated with people whose diet contains low vitamin A levels. To find out if you need to increase your intake of vitamins, you can order an intolerance test here.

3) Dry Skin

Following on from the presence of skin rashes due to lack of vitamin A, there is also research to suggest that dry and scaly skin is also a symptom of vitamin A deficiency. It could be that your dry skin or skin rashes or caused by something else, including food intolerance. To identify the root cause of your symptoms, please order your intolerance test here.

4) A sore throat

We’ve all been there when we have experienced a sore throat that will simply not go away. To make sure you are getting enough vitamin A, you should consume copious amounts of animal products such as milk, eggs, and liver. However, these are also common culprits which cause food intolerance, so make sure you do not have a food intolerance before changing your diet!

5) Dandruff and dry hair

There is a theme which has developed here. If you are not getting enough vitamin A into your diet then it is likely that many of your bodily functions will be dry, including dry skin, dry eyes, and dry hair. So, simply get hold of your intolerance test and examine your diet to make sure you are getting the necessary amount of vitamin A.

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