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There are those in favour and against the science of food intolerance. Some think it has no medical or scientific standing and simply creates negative food-related experiences for those who get the results back. Others think that it can offer up specific and helpful advice that will help you digest the right foods easier and better for an increased overall quality of life.

The science behind food intolerances

Those who claim that food intolerance testing is not rooted in science often haven’t taken the time to go into the scientific background and take a look around. After all, why would they? It’s an established and often complicated history that takes time and expertise to understand.

What it comes down to is the fact that there are science and many years of experience behind the world of intolerance testing. Food intolerances are much more common than a lot of people think; they just often go undetected or ignored because they’re not severe enough to require a test.

6 common food intolerances to test for

There are literally hundreds of food intolerances possible within the world of food and food ingredients. Here is a list of six common food intolerances (many of which you may not even know existed) for intolerances.

  1. Bacon intolerance: The horror, right? Yes, there could very well be a specific reason why bacon always gives you the runs or simply disagrees with your stomach and general wellbeing. There is always simulation bacon or turkey bacon, so all hope is not lost.
  1. Potato intolerance: I know, I know. Being intolerant to potatoes is even worse (maybe) than bacon, but this is definitely a thing. You don’t want to be dealing with digestion problems every tie you eat a plate of fries or a baked potato, though, so knowledge is key! And, depending on the severity of the intolerance, you can still enjoy small servings without a lot of discomfort!
  1. Golden delicious apple intolerance: Most people don’t thin that intolerances can be as specific as a kind of apple, but that’s absolutely the case. It can also be the difference between raw (or unprocessed) as well as cooked. Apple pie may be fine, but the fruit itself may be bad for you.
  1. Camomile intolerance: Often a nighttime favourite in tea or capsule form, finding out that you’re intolerant to camomile and it is, in all irony, what is keeping you up at night with a stomach ache is great. Honey and warm milk is a great substitute if needed.
  1. Vodka intolerance: Yes, there could very well be a specific reason why vodka is never a good idea. If you find yourself sick as a dog after a night of vodka, consider the fact that reason could very well be the food ingredient itself.
  1. E 326 potassium lactate intolerance: This is different from standard lactose intolerance. This is when you are intolerant specifically to the salt that is found in lactic acid. Obscure and often hard to identify on your own.

These are examples of not-so-well-known food intolerances that often can offer up surprising results when a test is done. Regardless of what your motivation is to have your possible food interlaces tested, the results will often surprise you, and they certainly will help you to enjoy an overall better quality of life one meal at a time. Plus, you have to admit that having a potato intolerance is going to be a great conversation starter.