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Summer is here and it is all everyone can talk about. Everyone is making plans, meeting up for World Cup barbecues, chilling out on the green in the local village and just chatting away with friends. Some of us though, despite looking forward to these moments, are also wary of what can happen. To settle these nerves, we recommend undergoing allergen testing, allowing you to put those worries about allergies to the back of your mind.

Meeting up with friends usually involves food, or being in an unfamiliar environment. It happens, and we do not always know what is around. Unknown food items, unknown non-food items, they can be a problem. If you recognise this feeling, then allergen testing is probably ideal for you.

Why let unknown allergies hold you back? Create those wonderful memories which you can look back on fondly at next year’s reunion and for the rest of your life. Nobody wants to remember the time when you got taken to the doctors because of an allergy, especially you. Our suggestions? Talk to your doctor. If this doesn’t work, then, of course, Allergy Test will be happy to help.

With a helping hand from us, we can help you identify what allergens are doing what to your body. Sending a comprehensive report of your results straight to you, we outline the offending items and provide advice going forwards. Essentially, from this report, you will learn which culprits we would recommend eliminating from your diet.

Ultimately, we do understand that allergen testing can be concerning. You do not want to learn that you may never be able to eat your favourite food again. However, our team can help you throughout the whole process. We are able to boast an impressive satisfaction rate, with customers noticing a big difference in their body and their behaviour. When re-evaluating your diet, be sensible and considered in your approach. With the first step being an elimination diet, you should notice a difference in just a few days!

If you think that allergen testing may be for you, then head over to and take a look at what solutions we have for you. Struggling to decide? Why not talk to our Customer Service Advisors who are available through LiveChat and are always happy to help.