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Have you set yourself any exercise goals? You may be desperate to get that body back into shape through daily exercise. Pounding the pavement and bench-pressing those biceps may be therapeutic and enjoyable (some people actually enjoy it?!), but it will not always be beneficial when you are trying to remove the bloat from your body. We’ve come up with 5 reasons why you might not be beating the bloat.

1)      A good type of Inconsistency

If you are constantly repeating your daily exercise routine, then you are most likely not going to experience any difference. You may not be able to reduce the bloat on your body, as your body has adapted to the similar and consistent exercise you are doing, meaning it is not making a difference. Emily Cole suggests that you shock your body and try different exercise regimes which will fight against the bloat.

2)      The bad type of Inconsistency

Similar to an elimination diet, you must be consistent in what you eat and how you train. If you avoid offending foods for a week, you may slack the next week and eat culprit foods twice. Doing it this way will not see you reap any benefits of an elimination diet or an exercise routine. If you don’t test your body and barely do any exercise, you will not see any difference in your body, and essentially, you will not beat the bloat. If you continue to not do any exercise, or eat troublesome foods, then you may also experience other symptoms.

3)      Get some more sleep (YAY!)

Did you another excuse to get more sleep? No? Well, you have one anyway. You may not be able to beat the bloat if you are not getting enough sleep. This is because sleep can control your diet, as well as repair your muscles. It also (get this) reduces stress, so if you ever get told that you’re sleeping too much, you’re not. Feeling relaxed and refreshed, you will be able to beat the bloat, alongside your daily exercise!

4)      Plan ahead, don’t stay in bed (unless you’ve not had six hours, obviously!)

If you don’t prepare your daily exercise routine, then the chances are you will not feel the benefits of your exercise. You’ll find it hard to motivate yourself to get to the gym or put on that running gear unless you have a plan. You can arrange other visits and plans for your exercise plan. Have you ever heard of the person who didn’t succeed when they had a plan? Neither have we! ?

5)      Diet, Diet, Diet (alongside your daily exercise)

Yes, it may sound hard and boring but a diet is extremely beneficial when it comes to losing weight. Especially if you have food intolerances! (Have we mentioned we test for that?) That food intolerance may have been causing your bloat, and so it is imperative that you avoid these offending foods. Try an elimination diet!

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