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Have a look below at some tips from Allergy Test about what you can do to make you feel better about your egg intolerances and allergies.

Take a test

If you are feeling slightly concerned that every time you eat an egg or something with egg as an ingredient, you feel under the weather, then you should take a test. We at Allergy Test want to help you move forward, and put your worries to rest. When taking a test with us, we provide you with a comprehensive report detailing all of your potential intolerances, including eggs and maybe other foods. These results might explain your feelings of bloating, fatigue and headaches. Eggs may be the culprit, but there are ways to deal with egg intolerances once you know the score.

Elimination Diet

This is the first step we recommend. If you find out you have an intolerance to eggs, take them out of your diet. That includes as an ingredient for cakes and everything else. If you feel miles better, then you can put your mind to rest. You have found the answer!

Eggs make you feel bad. Why? You may have overindulged on eggs and it is important to give your body a rest. It may not be able to tolerate eggs any more and needs a break. If your mindset still continues to improve, you are dealing with your egg intolerances.


Reintegrating eggs back into your diet can be an option. Should you decide you are missing eggs, slowly bring them back after the recommended six weeks and see how your body copes. If your results have shown that you have an intolerance to eggs, then your body will probably still react. Doing it slowly will help you decide whether it’s a complete intolerance, or just to a certain amount.

Deal with your Egg Intolerances

Decision time! Can’t live without eggs and your body can cope with a certain amount? Be sensible. If your body has any sort of intolerance then you may experience symptoms. No one like to walk around feeling bloated and tired the whole time, so be careful. Egg intolerances are annoying but they are manageable.

If you’re weighing up the options, the customer service team at are always to help with any query you may have.