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Its February. Once again, you find yourself in only the second month of the new year, and you’ve abandoned the pledge you made (admittedly after a few prosecco’s) to make this the year that you achieve the body of your dreams. You spent weeks eating your greens, you put the leftover Christmas chocolate out of sight (“well, you’re not going to chuck it away because that would be a waste” being your excuse, acting as a prelude to the capitulation you’re now in the middle of) and committed to “clean eating” and for what? The person in the mirror today looks frustratingly similar to the one you saw on day one of your journey.

But why? Why aren’t you seeing the result’s that seem inevitable when you follow all the generally-accepted rules of dieting? You’ve drank gallons of water, walked instead of driving and eaten all the right foods. Or have you? What do we mean when we say “all the right foods?” Here we find the problem, the culprit which is holding you back from achieving your goals and the reason that, once again, your New Years Resolution has failed.

Bio-individualitybelly food intolerance test

We all know what is meant when we say healthy foods, right? We all get that image in our head of brightly coloured, shiny fruit and veg piled high, lean meats, such as chicken, and whole grains. The sort of foods you find at farmer’s markets labelled as “fresh” and “organic”. Eat these, and you’re nailed on to lose weight and feel better, right? Well, in most cases, yes. But its absolutely essential to remember; no two people are precisely the same. What’s suitable for one person isn’t always good for another. We are all unique, and here we find the problem. Those “right foods”, what if they aren’t right for you? Your body might respond to certain foods negatively, despite the food generally being considered healthy. This is an expression of the uniqueness of your body or your “Bio-Individuality”.

The answer to learning more about how your bio-individuality is responsible, we must consider a food intolerance test.

Food Intolerance Test

So, now we’ve explained the concept of bio-individuality, we can look at how this could be the reason for another failed weight-loss journey. When you eat certain foods, they can cause an adverse reaction within your body that can trigger symptoms such as nausea, sickness and bloating. This is an expression of food intolerance. Bloating, as you can probably guess, will make your stomach look larger as it fills you up with air. This can be disheartening when your goal is to get a more lean, flat stomach. By taking a food intolerance test, you can identify any foods that are causing you to fail your New Years Resolution. You can find a food intolerance test to suit your budget here.