Chat with us, powered by LiveChat Food Sensitivity Test: The benefits and how it will make you feel.

It’s everyone’s favourite time of the year! No, it is not Love Island time (well it is) but this also means it is summer. We at Allergy Test Ireland love the Summer and we know you do too. However, some of you may feel a little worse for wear around this time of the year. We are here to tell you the importance of a Food Sensitivity Test and how it can help you move forward.

Taking a food sensitivity test will enable you to be stress-free when going out with friends, heading to a lovely barbecue, or even climbing the highest mountains. The Summer is like Christmas, it usually brings everybody together. This is what we hope you feel like, but if you do not, we may be able to help.

Many of us either have a friend who is reluctant to hang with us because their body doesn’t like unknown foods. A food sensitivity test can change this. Telling you what foods you are intolerant to, you are now aware of what to eat. Bringing new found confidence to you and your friends, you can chow down on that barbecued burger without any fear of your body reacting.

Want to stop off on the way home and a grab a bite to eat? Want to head to an outdoor cinema and make the most of the popcorn? We can help you identify your sensitivities, allowing you to relax. If it turns out you do an intolerance to these items, it is not an issue, we can still help. Our Customer Service advisors are available to talk to you on a 24-hour basis, 5 days a week, so if you do need advice, check them out.

Planning for the Summer is a lot easier if you know what you can do. If you are sensitive to certain foods, you know where you can go. Knowing your limits is crucial but also relaxing. Turning down a fry-up may be hard at first, but in the long-run, it may benefit you.

Ultimately the effects of food sensitivities can be largely avoidable thanks to a Food Sensitivity Test, which allows us to capitalise on our new-found diet. Take a Food Sensitivity Test today with Allergy Test Ireland and identify your own sensitivities. It could be the inspiration and answers you have been looking for.