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“My symptoms are constantly flaring up.” – This is a message we receive quite a lot and a lot of people tell us that they cannot work out why they are constantly feeling like this. What surprises us is that many people have not considered food sensitivity testing.

Sensitivities can occur all year round, particularly if it is a food allergy, and food intolerances and their symptoms can present themselves at any point of the day depending on what you have eaten. Ordering a food sensitivity test from Allergy Test Ireland will help you to identify the cause of your symptoms. Read on to find out what answers we can give you about food allergies and food intolerances,  and more importantly, food sensitivity testing.

What are allergies?

Allergies can affect the way we live our life, in both a mental and physical sense. Headaches and bowel problems can cause you stress and affect your life in ways you can never imagine. You might not realise it, but allergies could be the reason that you do not feel at your best, as well as food intolerances. It is vital that you identify exactly what is causing your symptoms so that you can manage and cope with them accordingly. If you are ever on a run, on the sports field or even just at work and you are feeling below-par, then it could be a food intolerance that is affecting you. So, if you have ever consumed a meal and come up in a rash, then this could be because you have a food allergy or intolerance. If you would like to identify the offending item, then please order an intolerance test today.

Advice on allergies

It is important not to try and self-diagnose an intolerance or an allergy, as this could cause you more harm than good. Filling up with medication is not always the best idea, and if you suspect that you have an allergy then we recommend that you consult your doctor immediately. Avoiding a potential food intolerance could see you relieve your symptoms and live an intolerance-free life. Remember, allergies and intolerances are different, even if they may result in similar symptoms. It is important that you know the difference between the two, so please click here. If you are considering food sensitivity testing, then please click here to find out more.

Food Sensitivity Testing

Identifying a food intolerance can be done by ordering an intolerance test. This is particularly relevant if you find yourself experiencing headaches and other symptoms immediately after eating the same foods time and time again. Sometimes, we can let our intolerances get the better of us because we are worried about the impact that they will have if we eat a certain food or go outside. You can stop this feeling by identifying the cause of your symptoms with an intolerance test. Food sensitivity testing can be exactly what you need to become a happier and healthier you.

Thinking about testing what allergies and sensitivities you have? You should try food sensitivity testing! To find out more about food intolerances and allergies, please check out