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With Ireland experiencing a heatwave, pollen levels are increasing and it is affecting most of the population. Have you dosed up on antihistamines and still are not feeling any better? Well, the myth busters here at Allergy Test Ireland are here to help. Here are 4 reasons why your methods to stop Hay Fever are not working.

1) Flowers are not evil

No, your hay fever will not get worse just because you are near flowers and bees. This may just be a coincidence, but this does not stop people wrongly assuming (and telling others) that the vivid and colourful flower arrangements cause hay fever. Well, the truth is, they do not. So you can no longer use it as an excuse to not attend that flower show your friends have been going on about it, there’s no reason why cannot attend!

Research has shown that pollen is most likely cause an allergy when it is airborne, usually coming from grass, weeds and trees, as well as birch and oak. So, next time when you’re out and about, watch for the pollen entering through your eyes, as this will most likely be the pollen that triggers the allergic reactions of hay fever!

2) Vaseline is not the Solution

Vaseline catches some of the pollen grains which may be going up your nose, but not all of them. Pollen will still enter your body even if you have caped your nose and nostrils in Vaseline. So, if you do want to stop your hay fever symptoms, Vaseline will not stop it. At best, Vaseline will limit the soreness of your nose, but it will not stop hay fever. If Vaseline is not working, the Daily Mirror has identified some alternatives which may help.

3) Hay fever is not caused by hay

Yes, this is also a common assumption that is wrong. Why do people associate hay fever with hay? Because hay is in the name and their symptoms appear to be at their worse when hay is being made by farmers all around the country. Although hay does contain those pesky grass pollen grains that we spoke about earlier, it isn’t the main reason why people suffer from hay fever. If you do see a hay bale, don’t worry, it will not be that which worsens your symptoms.

4) Rain is not your friend

Rain does not clear your hay fever, you may still experience hay fever symptoms even if it is raining. Although it may temporarily clear the pollen from the air and your own airwaves, the chances are is that the wind gusts which usually precede the rain will have bought pollen down from higher levels. Therefore, even though it is raining, you may experience the symptoms of hay fever just before it rains or even during the rain. So, in essence, even though rain can sometimes make you feel better, it can also make your hay fever symptoms even worse.

Ultimately, if you think you are suffering from a pollen intolerance and want to know more, then head over to to find out more about your potential intolerances through one of our tests.