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Seafood is a delicacy that many of us love to consume. Some of us have to demonstrate an ability to deal with a seafood intolerance, however. If you’ve just got your results back from Allergy Test Ireland which has revealed a seafood intolerance, then you may be freaking out, but you shouldn’t be. We’ve got the answers for many of your questions.

Why are you freaking out about your Seafood Intolerance?

Is there a particular reason you are freaking out? It could be because there’s a big party coming up at a seafood restaurant. You really want to go but now you are panicking about what you are going to eat and what might happen if you eat seafood. Don’t worry, there are always solutions.

Plan ahead

If it is your best friend who is having their party, they will be understanding. Let them know that you may have to find an alternative food from the restaurant, who should be happy to supply you with a substitute, or they may let you bring your own food.

Alternatively, you could eat beforehand. This might not be your first choice, but it will allow you to consume all the drinks you like without having to worry about eating. Get chatting away with your friends and celebrate the occasion like it deserves to be.


Eliminate! After learning of your seafood intolerance, why not eliminate seafood from your diet? You then do not have to worry about any potential symptoms. Relaxing and enjoying every meal you eat, your friends and family will see a huge difference in the happier, healthier you. The plus point is that seafood is one of the easier foods to eliminate, as it is not found in everything but we must still be careful.


Enjoying being your happy and healthy self? If you feel confident enough, you can slowly reintroduce seafood to your diet. If your body does not react, this may have been the answer you were looking for and you can eat seafood again. Be careful though! Your body may have a tolerance to a certain amount, so try not to overindulge and overexpose yourself.

If you think you have a seafood intolerance then head over to and find out for yourself! Alternatively, if you know you have a seafood intolerance and have any queries, please feel free to chat to our customer service team who are always happy to help, on a 24-hour basis, 5 days a week.