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There are many things which may cause you to suffer from an overactive immune system. A bloated stomach, nausea and headaches are all intolerance symptoms and can often be caused by the top eight food allergens in the world.

To understand what is causing your allergy or intolerance symptoms, you need to know what an allergy or intolerance is. An allergy can occur if your body decides to attack something which is usually considered to be harmless.

1) Food Allergies

Starting with food; milk, shellfish, nuts and wheat are often food allergens. There is a high chance that you will come into contact with one of these foods. However, allergens and intolerance triggers are a lot easier to avoid if you have worked out what you need to avoid thanks to an allergy test.

2) Allergy and Intolerance symptoms

Intolerance symptoms are different from allergy symptoms. Symptoms of an allergy will appear right away and can often be life-threatening, if not treated and managed correctly. Intolerance symptoms can take a lot longer to appear, especially up to 72 hours after the symptoms have appeared.

3) Fatigue – What causes it?

One of the most common symptoms is fatigue. It can appear at any point and not many people always know how to manage this as an offending item.

For those people listing fatigue as one of their intolerance symptoms, understanding which items are causing these symptoms can really lift a weight of the shoulders so to speak. It is never easy to cope with symptoms, but identifying the triggers, it makes it so much easier!

If you are experiencing symptoms and would like to know more about intolerance testing to help you identify the triggers. Learn how Allergy Test Ireland can identify your food intolerances and what items are causing your intolerance symptoms.