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Kate Young, BSc

Lab Manager

Education Leicester University

Credentials BSc

Personal History

Kate Young joined Allergy Testing in 2020 after working in private laboratories in Japan for 15 years as a Clinical Bio Scientist and embryologist. As Lab Manager, Kate works on IVDR and GLP accreditation.

Posts by Kate Young:

1 in 4 adults have multiple health problems, research say

One in four adults of Britain have multiple health problems, suggests research conducted by researchers from Cambridge University*. High blood pressure was the most common, with anxiety, depression and chronic pain closely following. Taking this information alongside the fact that two in three adults are now considered as overweight or obese, means that a great […]

Enjoying the Summer with Egg Intolerances

Summer is around the corner. But you have just found out that you are dealing with egg allergies or intolerances. That’s not the news you want to wake up to. Were you looking forward to eggs on toast this morning? Or is there a birthday around the corner and you were planning on making a lovely […]

Can we guess how your soya intolerance is making you feel?

Fatigued, tired, lethargic, bloated, tickly throat? All of these are symptoms of a food intolerance, but if these are occurring whenever you eat soya, then you have a soya intolerance. There are many alternatives, substitutes and solutions when dealing with an intolerance to soya, however. It is seen as a beneficial mood, but as could […]

Irritable Bowel Syndrome and How We Can Help

Did you know that April is IBS Awareness Month? Irritable Bowel Syndrome – or IBS as it’s more commonly known – is a condition which affects the digestive system, generally causing stomach cramps, bloating, diarrhea and constipation, and in some cases it can go on for months, which can cause serious distress and put a […]

How to gain control of your allergies

“I cannot stop sniffing; my eyes keep watering and I’ve gone through a whole pack of tissues.” Ah, this sounds you like have an allergy to something. With Summer having arrived, this could be hay fever. It could also be a food allergy. For many of us, this is annoying, but we can find out […]